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Our Monitors Keep Your Machines Operational

The monitors measure the condition of a machine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The built in alarm function secures early knowledge of all machine faults e.g. imbalances or misalignment. This allows you to handle problems before they cause breakdowns. Therefore, you can assure operational continuity of your production and avoid unplanned machinery downtime, material costs, etc.

Industriel Vibration Monitors:

PCH 1014 • 3 channel multipurpose monitor

3ch flexible monitor PCH 1014 is a multipurpose monitor with 3 channels, accepting vibration, pressure and temperature probes. Each channel can be individually configured to a wide range of settings, e.g. band pass signal conditioning with RMS detectors. PCH 1014 is very rugged and conforms to IP 67, making it ideal for stand-alone local monitoring of machine vibration and/or process parameters. It outputs AC, DC and is equipped with alarm relays.

PCH 1008 • 2 channel multipurpose digital monitor

The PCH 1008 is a digital multipurpose monitor with 2 channels. Signal conditioning is made by Digital Signal Processing, which makes very specialized measuring possible and allows highly sensitive monitoring. Single or multiple monitors can be set up via a PC using RS232 or RS485. Additionally, a modem allows data to be transferred for remote download or set-up. It outputs AC, DC and is equipped with alarm relays and RS485. Control software CHT1008 included free of charge.

PCH 1072 • Simple Industrial Monitor

The PCH 1072 is the new generation of high quality low cost vibration monitors, which can be used in many rotating machine applications. The standard Version is a 1 channels monitor with a frequency range from 0,5Hz to 1kHz. It offers user selectable filters and selection between acceleration, velocity or displacement.

The monitor is supplied prepared for DIN rail installation or build into an IP67 casing.

The monitor includes Windows based software for parameter set up, time wave streaming. For online and off line FFT. Can be connected to RS485 net.
PCH 1073 • Advanced Industrial Monitor

This PCH 1073 is the new generation of high quality low cost vibration monitors, which can be used for surveillance of vibration levels in machinery and detecting unbalance and bearing faults.

The monitor operates within 2 simultaneously running frequency bands configurable 0.7Hz to 11.5 kHz. A primary low-frequency band monitors vibrations according to DIN/ISO 10816. A second multi purpose band offers detectors as RMS, Envelope, Crest factor and Kurtosis, and is ideal for condition monitoring of roller bearings.
It is possible from one transducer point to monitor both unbalance and bearing failure simultaneously.
The monitor includes windows based software for parameter set up, time wave streaming and off line FFT. Several monitors can be connected by a RS-485 net


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