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PCH EtherBridge – Ready for IIoT

Connect new or existing digital vibration monitors from PCH to your LAN, an edge computer or to the internet with the PCH EtherBridge.

Simply connect the RS-485 connection from the PCH Vibration Monitor to the PCH EtherBridge and you are ready to access your vibration monitors through your LAN.

You can daisy-chain up to 20 PCH vibration monitors to the same PCH EtherBridge, even over huge distances, as long as the RS-485 connection is established according to best practice guidelines.

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PCH EtherBridge

PCH monitors compatible with the PCH EtherBridge

You can connect any PCH monitor with RS-485 communication, such as:

1-channel vibration and proximity sensors/monitors

•    PCH 1072 (4-20mA, 2 relays for external sensor)
•    PCH 1073 (2 of 4-20mA, 4 relays for external sensor)

Compact 1-channel vibration guards with internal sensors

•    PCH 1232 (Up to 4 measuring bands, 2 of 4-20 mA, 2 relays)
•    PCH 1272 (SIL 2, 4-20 mA, 2 relays)
•    PCH 1277 (ATEX + SIL 2, 4-20 mA, 2 relays)

4-channel vibration monitor with up to 8 process input channels

•    PCH 1420 (4 outputs, 1 main relay, SIL 2)
The PCH vibration monitors will continue to protect your machine locally, and the use of the RS-485 parallel will not affect the vibration measurements, nor the alarms or the 4-20 mA output(s).

The PCH EtherBridge can be configured for various tasks. Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC UA and PCH Vibration Studio user software can even be serviced simultaneously.


LAN Interface / Remote Interface

Use PCH Vibration Studio to monitor your devices. Our software can be used as your dashboard on any PC installed on the network that you use to connect the PCH EtherBridge.

You can mount unlimited PCH EtherBridges in your factory and handle the connected PCH vibration monitors remotely through PCH Vibration Studio as easily as if you were standing in front of the monitor.

If you connect the PCH EtherBridge to a 3G or 4G modem, you can even access the online data remotely. Locally, the connected vibration monitors will continue to protect your machines online.

Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU

Some PCH vibration monitors produce several vibration and process measurements. This would require a great many 4-20 mA wires to your DCS or SCADA system, and it would soon become very costly.

Here is what we suggest you do instead:

Use a standard industrial communication protocol. We support Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU and offer a list of registers for you to pick the data you wish to read.

By using a Modbus protocol, you can connect several Modbus TCP masters to the same PCH EtherBridge, and if you consider a reasonable time-out, all connected masters will be serviced one by one.

For instance, you can connect a local HMI close to the machine, receive Modbus TCP data to your DCS and occasionally connect your PCH Vibration Studio for validation or reconfiguration of the monitors.

We assist both OEMs, distributors and end-users with Modbus connectivity.

Feel free to write or call us for assistance. Our specialists are here to help.


OPC UA – easy integration to your condition monitoring system

Does your condition monitoring system support OPC UA?

Then several of our monitors can be used for seamless integration into your system.

OPC UA is a well-known industrial standard protocol, which PCH supports through our configurable OPC server. Many systems support OPC UA, e.g. Optiware from API Maintenance Systems AB.

Simply use our PCH Vibration Studio software to configure the monitors. This will automatically configure the OPC server as well.

The OPC server must be installed on a Windows PC on your network.

Your OPC client can collect trend data from any PCH Vibration Monitor on the RS-485 network. We suggest you use the PCH EtherBridge for a stable LAN connection.

Please contact us for more details.

We can also provide you with a guide for the use of the third-party testing software UA Experts from Unified Automation.


Integrate vibration and process data in your IIoT setup

Is your company ready for Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things and big data?

The PCH EtherBridge IoT is prepared for Industrial IoT solutions. With this configuration, you can upload all vibration and process data to the cloud or to an edge computer for analysis in big data structures. You can also analyse the data using PCH Dataviewer software directly in your browser.


IoT edge device for OEMs

As an OEM, you can use the PCH EtherBridge IoT as an edge device, transferring data seamlessly to edge computers and from there to your own cloud for further processing. See our PCH EtherBridge IoT solutions for OEMs


The installation is quick and simple:

  1. Purchase the PCH EtherBridge IIoT from us or from one of our trusted distributors in your region.
  2. Create an account on
  3. Connect your vibration monitors through the RS-485 network to the PCH EtherBridge IoT
  4. After PCH has approved your account, all connected PCH vibration monitors will be visible in your account, and you are ready to store and analyse data.

The connected PCH vibration monitors continue to protect your machines locally. You maintain a high safety level, and at the same time, you are ready for Industry 4.0.

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