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PCH Engineering A/S – The Vibration Monitoring Specialists

PCH Engineering A/S is an ISO 9001 certified Danish production company developing equipment for the monitoring of vibrations.

With more than 20 years of experience in the vibration monitoring industry, we offer a wide range of monitoring solutions for traditional rotating machines such as decanters, blowers, fans, compressors, gearboxes and wind turbines.


Why We Are The Vibration Monitoring Specialists

Our focus on vibration monitoring and analysis has resulted in a unique set of specialist competencies and a keen sense of what will be needed next.

Thus, we were the first to develop a digital vibration monitor for structural wind turbine surveillance, and we are in the vanguard of real-time vibration safety monitoring and control.

Wind turbine protection


A Wide Range of Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Among our vibration monitoring solutions, you will find advanced vibration monitors, accelerometers, transmitters, proximity probes and sensors. Our aim is to provide customers with millisecond feedback and alarms based on current running conditions.

We focus on fast-reacting vibration measurements, enabling machine owners to prevent or limit the impact of unexpected breakdowns of rotating machinery.


Why You Can Trust Our Vibration Monitors

As part of our quality assurance, we perform systematic quality control, testing all our products thoroughly before shipping.


About Us

A Lifetime of experience

Through our more than 30 years in the vibration monitoring industry, we have become experts on providing not only top quality product development, but also top of the line customer support.

With an average seniority of 8 years, our engineering and support specialists provide our customers with reliable and focused support, resulting in a high level of safety and peace of mind for our customers and strong customer loyalty.


Our philosophy

We never forget that, as vibration monitor developers, we operate in the field of safety and security.

With our line of vibration monitoring solutions and equipment, we want to help machine owners and manufacturers protect rotating machines and structures from unplanned crashes and total collapses and help prevent people from getting injured by damaged machinery.

We operate primarily as an OEM manufacturer and sell permanent solutions pre-installed in our customers' machines. One or more vibration monitors are typically incorporated directly into a machine.

Our main customers are, therefore, manufacturers of rotating machines and wind turbines, and we are proud to offer products that form part of our customers’ value chain and increase their competitiveness and security levels.


Your reliable partner in machine protection

Whether you are a machine owner, an OEM or a distributor we strive to be the best partner for you in machine protection matters.

We work fast, we are flexible and reliable, and we are financially strong. Our products are manufactured in Denmark and follow all the necessary international production standards, regulatory standards and quality standards.


Policies and certificates

Our clients are active on the global market where there is a high demand for standardization in products.

We carry a range of relevant certificates for our company and products, including CE, ISO9001:2015, ATEX, GL and UL.

For our SIL-rated vibration monitors, we can present the SIL Declaration of Conformity according to EN 13849-1 documenting all safety calculations such as  the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF), Diagnostic Coverage (DC) and Mean Time to Dangerous Failure (MTDFD).

As a responsible and international company, PCH Engineering has defined the following policies:

PCH Conflict Minerals Policy (Download) 
PCH Privacy Policy (GDPR) (Download)


Industries We Cater To

We supply customized monitors to a large number of machine manufacturers in the wind, cement, energy, food and chemical industries on a regular basis.

Our typical customers are either OEMs who design and deliver critical rotating machinery as part of their turn-key solutions, or machine or plant owners, whom we mainly supply and support through our worldwide network of distributors.

We are widely recognized for manufacturing top quality products with a high safety level and strong functionality. This has been instrumental in securing, among our customers, some of the world’s largest wind turbine OEMs.

For many years, PCH Engineering has also developed and manufactured specialized equipment for large companies such as the Danish sound and vibration specialists Brüel & Kjær A/S.


Our History

PCH Engineering A/S was founded in 1989 by Carsten Holm. In 1992, the company expanded into the service, engineering and manufacturing of analogue vibration monitors. The focus was to develop a DSP-based vibration monitoring concept to improve the monitoring of critical frequencies in pumps, blowers, decanters and wind turbines.

The company started developing a fully digital 2 channel vibration monitor, the PCH 1008, in 1996. Shortly after, in 1997, the company entered the wind turbine industry and developed special monitoring solutions for this industry.

After a few years, Leif Schaap and Ib Eriksen joined the company as CEO and CFO, respectively. By purchasing 50 % of the shares, they became partners and, together, they built the modern and successful PCH Engineering that you will meet today. 

In 2000, the company launched the first DSP-based wind turbine monitor, the PCH 1026, which has been updated continually with new hardware and features ever since. By 2002, PCH Engineering had received several certifications such as the ISO9001:2000 certificate and the first ATEX certification.

In 2015, a generational handover took place, and the company was taken over by Erhvervsinvest A/S with the intention of further developing the company.

In 2017, as part of a gradual generational handover, Leif Schaap decided to pass on the overall responsibility to someone else and stay on as Executive Sales Director.

A thorough search for a new CEO who had experience with management and business development in niche markets resulted in PCH Engineering and Erhvervsinvest entrusting the daily management to the former Head of Sales and Marketing at Maersk Fluid Technology, Sune Lilbæk.

In 2021, the next stage in the generational handover was executed as PCH Engineering A/S was acquired by KK Wind Solutions A/S and the KK group.

Press release: KK Wind Solutions acquires PCH Engineering 

Sune Lilbaek and Leif Schaap: New generation of management at PCH Engineering


PCH Milestones

Here are the highlights of our 30 years in the vibration monitoring business: 

  • 2024: Fully integrated into KK Wind Solutions Group
  • 2021: Acquired by KK Wind Solutions 
  • 2019: Launch of PCH Cloud and IoT condition monitoring solutions
  • 2019: First supply of the 3rd generation PCH 1026 Structural Monitor
  • 2019: GL2010 certification of PCH 1026 MK3
  • 2018: Russian EAC certification verified by the National Metrology Institute
  • 2018: 100,000 wind turbine monitors supplied
  • 2017: Upgrade to the ISO9001:2015 certification
  • 2016: PCH 1275/1277 Vibration Monitors certified according to IECEx through ExVeritas®
  • 2015: Sold to Erhvervsinvest A/S
  • 2014: PCH 1026 Structural Monitor accredited by GL 2010
  • 2013: Launch of the advanced 4-channel PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor
  • 2011: Launch of the redundant PCH 1290 Vibration Monitor
  • 2010: PCH (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Established as an independent company
  • 2010: Moved into the 900 m2 headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark
  • 2010: Launch of the PCH Vibration Studio user software
  • 2008: The PCH 1026 Structural Monitor certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • 2003: Launch of the PCH 1028 Vibration Monitor with built-in FFT analyses
  • 2002: Launch of the compact vibration monitor series
  • 2002: First ATEX certification
  • 2002: ISO9001:2000 certification
  • 2000: Launch of the PCH 1026 Structural Monitor, which has been continuously updated ever since
  • 1998: Leif Schaap and Ib Eriksen entered the PCH management
  • 1997: Developed the first monitoring solutions for the wind turbine industry
  • 1996: Developed the fully digital, 2 channel PCH 1008 Vibration Monitor
  • 1992: PCH Engineering A/S is founded by Carsten and Pernille Holm

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