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PCH Engineering A/S

For many years PCH has developed and manufactured specialized equipment for the Danish sound and vibration specialists Brüel & Kjær A/S.

Today we supply customized monitors to a large amount of machine manufacturers in the wind, cement, energy, food and chemical industry on a regular basis. Our typical customers are both end users, who are supported through our world-wide distributor network, as well as OEMs, who design and deliver critical rotating machinery as part of turn-key solutions.

Carsten Holm worked for several years as an electrical engineer at Brüel & Kjær A/S. In 1989 he started his business of service and repair of electrical devices, among that also B&K devices. Together with other Brüel & Kjær ex-employees the company expanded throughout the 1990'es within service, engineering and manufacturing of analogue vibration monitors. The focus was to develop a DSP-based vibration monitoring concept to improve the monitoring of critical frequencies in pumps, blowers, decanters and even wind turbines.

In 1999 after a few years of financial struggle Leif Schaap and Ib Eriksen entered the company as CEO and CFO and became partners through the purchase of 50% of the shares. Together they built the modern and successful PCH Engineering we know today.

In 2015 a generation change was performed and the company was taken over by Erhvervsinvest A/S with the intention to further develop the company. In 2017, as a part of a soft "generation change", Leif Schaap decided to pass on the daily management to a new CEO,  Sune Lilbaek, and stays in the company as Exec. Sales Director for the years to come.

About us

Life time of experience

We have a high degree of experience in product development and customer support. With an average seniority of 8 years the engineering and support team have been able to provide customers with high level of comfort through reliable and to the point support resulting in a high level of customer loyalty.

Our philosophy

Our company operates in the security field. Our products are intended for protecting of rotating machines and structures against unplanned crashes and prevent people from getting into danger and avoid total collapses. We operate primarily as an OEM manufacturer and sell permanent solutions installed in our customers' machines. One or more vibration monitors are typically incorporated directly in one machine. Our main customers are therefore manufacturers of rotating machines and wind turbines. Our products are therefore a part of our customers’ value chain with the aim of increasing their competitiveness, and security levels.

Reliable partner for protection

Whether you are the final user, an OEM or a distributor we strive to be the best partner for you in machine protection matters.

We work fast, are flexible and are financially strong and follow all the necessary international production standards, regulatory standards and quality standards.


Our clients are active in the global market with high demand for standardization in products.

We carry a range of relevant certificates for our company and products, both CE, ISO, ATEX, GL and UL.

For SIL-rated vibration monitors we can present the SIL Declaration of Conformity according to EN 13849-1 documenting all safety calculation like The Safe Failure Fraction (SFF), Diagnostic Coverage (DC and Mean Time To Dangerous Failure (MTDFD).


As a responsible and international company PCH has defined various policies:

PCH Conflict Minerals Policy (Download)

PCH milestones

Below is a list of milestones in our company over the years:
  • 1992: PCH Engineering A/S is founded
  • 1996: We started development of a fully digital 2 channel vibration monitor, the PCH 1008
  • 1997: We entered the wind turbine industry and developed special monitoring solutions for this industry
  • 1998: Leif Schaap and Ib Schaap enters PCH management as CEO and CFO, as well as share holders
  • 2000: We launched the first DSP-based wind turbine monitor, the PCH 1026, which constantly has been updated with new hardware and features ever since.
  • 2002: PCH Engineering received the ISO9001:2000 certificate.
  • 2002: PCH Engineering received the first ATEX certification.
  • 2002: New series of compact vibration monitors with embedded accelerometer
  • 2003: Survey & diagnostics 4-ch vibration monitor PCH 1028, embedded FFT analyser
  • 2005: New series of 1-ch vibration monitors for IEPE accelerometers
  • 2008: The PCH 1026 was certified by Germanischer Lloyd to be used directly in the safety chains of wind turbines
  • 2010: 1-ch roller bearing monitor with software launched
  • 2010: New user software PCH Vibration Studio to support all newer vibration monitors
  • 2010: PCH invests in new 900 m2 headquarters.
    2010: PCH (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is established by local partners as an independent company.
  • 2011: New redundant vibration monitor for SIL-2/PL-d, Cat 3 launched; the PCH 1290
  • 2012: Ethernet module PCH EtherBridge launched for LAN access to PCH vibration monitors
  • 2013: 4-Ch PCH 1420 vibration monitor for SIL-2 protection and roller bearing monitoring
  • 2014: PCH 1026 is accredited by GL 2010
  • 2015: PCH Engineering A/S is sold to Erhvervsinvest A/S with the intention of further growth
  • 2016: PCH 1275/1277 are certified according to IECEx through ExVeritas®
  • 2017: PCH is recertified by Intertek and received the ISO9001:2015 certification 
  • 2017: New CEO Sune Lilbaek
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