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Monitor prototypes and null series

Monitoring prototypes and null series during testing ensures that the final product meets customer expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and safety.

  • Continuous monitoring in real time
  • Data visualisations and trending
  • Remote access to vibration data
  • Alarm and shut-down functionalities
  • Optional cloud data logging
  • Automatic data collection and simultaneous sampling

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Recommended solutions for prototype monitoring

Our prototype monitoring solutions provide valuable feedback for R&D purposes and enable you to detect mechanical or operational issues at an early stage. You can also use the data to document that the prototype adheres to industry safety standards and regulations.


PCH Cloud monitoring for prototypes

With the IoT functionality of the PCH Cloud solution, you can set up your prototype or null series machinery at any test site and monitor its vibrations remotely.

This allows you to adjust alarm levels, configure appropriate shut down triggers, and obtain a deeper understanding of how your machine responds during operation before you bring it to market.



A condition monitoring solution that grows with your need

The PCH Cloud solution is a modular, real-time vibration monitoring system consisting of vibration sensors, configurable vibration monitors, an EtherBridge communication module providing cloud access and a cloud-based data visualisation platform, PCH DataViewer.

It is easy to add sensors and monitors as the need for additional measuring points arises.


Real-time data, SIL safety and remote access in one

With the PCH Cloud solution you get local, SIL 2 machine safety as the monitor’s relay and alarm functions alert the operator of any abnormal vibrations and, if so configured, they can trigger a shut-down mechanism on the machine.

At the same time, you get remote access to the vibration data in real time. You can access the PCH Cloud database from any browser on any device: PC, tablet or smart phone, as required.

You can either view the data on the PCH Dataviewer platform or transfer the data to a cloud storage of your choice for further analysis.

For more information on the PCH Cloud solution, visit or contact our experienced advisors for a discussion of your condition monitoring requirements.


Example of an IoT-compatible prototype monitoring kit

  • 1 vibration sensor with a shut-down relay for added safety
  • 1 IoT EtherBridge module connected to the vibration sensor through RS485
  • Data storage in the PCH Cloud
  • PCH DataViewer software


Features of the PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor

  • Frequency range: adjustable, 0.7 Hz to 11.5 kHz
  • Measuring range: adjustable (default 0-20 mm/s and 0-100 m/s²)
  • Signal detection: RMS, Peak, Peak to Peak
  • Measuring parameter: velocity (mm/s), displacement (μm/mm) or acceleration (m/s²)
  • Other inputs: RPM via PNP/NPN sensor or 4-20 mA input
  • Outputs: 4 analogue outputs (0/4-20 mA or 0/2-10 V) or 4 digital outputs, 1 alarm relay
  • Communication: RS-485, USB, IoT-ready, PCH Cloud
  • Compliance: SIL 2, IEC 61508, PL-d, IP 20



Features of the PCH EtherBridge

  • 1 alarm relay and 1 digital input relay
  • Communication hardware: RS 485, RS 485/232, RJ45 LAN connector for TCP
  • Communication protocols: Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC UA
  • Data storage: PCH Cloud, IIoT Rest, mini SD-card (optional)


Case story: Engineering start-up Increases Product Safety with IoT Prototype Monitoring

A startup contacted PCH Engineering about a vibration monitoring solution that would alert operators to emerging safety issues and enable the startup to monitor their prototype remotely.



Data acquisition system for prototype R&D

The advanced 4-channel PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor combined with the PCH EtherBridge Modbus communication module forms a data acquisition system (DAQ) for research and development purposes.

The PCH 1420 provides a wide range of sound and vibration data as well as Time Waveform data for FFT analysis and the PCH EtherBridge functions as an edge device transferring the data to a local edge computer and provides Modbus TCP communication to the PLC. All data is visualised in the complementary PCH Vibration Studio software.

The DAQ system is customised to each prototype, and after the R&D phase, the monitoring solution can be further customised to match the exact operational needs of each machine.

Example of an R&D kit for data acquisition

  • 1 PCH1420 Vibration Monitor
  • 1 PCH EtherBridge Modbus with optional IoT/Cloud access
  • 1 PR3225 converter module
  • 4 PCH-AC102 accelerometers
  • 2  Balluff tacho sensors 
  • 1 microphone for sound monitoring


R&D benefits

The DAQ monitoring solution helps you better understand your machine prototype and how best to operate it. It can measure vibration as well as sound and temperature to predict maintenance needs, prevent breakdowns, and gain operational insights for further development of the machine.

Case story: FIDEtechnology's New Mill Prototype Monitored by PCH's DAQ System

A grinding mill prototype is currently being tested and developed with the help of a PCH Engineering DAQ vibration monitoring solution.



Contact us to discuss the monitoring solution best suited to your prototype or null series

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