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PCH 1072 Mk2 Vibration Monitor:
1-Channel SIL 2 Machine Protection

The PCH 1072 is the new generation of high quality, low cost vibration monitors, which you can use in various rotating machine applications.

PCH 1072 Vibration Monitor

It has 1 input channel and 2 relays, providing SIL 2 rated machine protection, and measures either acceleration, velocity or displacement.

It is easy and flexible to set up the PCH 1072 with individual frequency ranges, alarm levels and delay times etc. with the complementary Windows-based user software.

It is compatible with PCH Cloud, our Industry 4.0 condition monitoring solution.


1-channel vibration monitor (0.7 Hz to 1k Hz)

The standard version is a 1-channel monitor with a frequency range from 0.7 Hz to 1k Hz.

You can select among a range of filters. It is also up to you whether the PCH 1072 Mk2 vibration monitor should measure acceleration, velocity or displacement.


2 adjustable alarm relays

The vibration monitor’s two adjustable alarms ensure that the machine vibrations do not exceed the acceptable or allowed limit.

The vibration level is continuously compared to the two alarm limits. If the alarm limits are exceeded, the two alarm relays, Alert/Danger, will be triggered and inform the operator via a connected rotor light, beeper, controller or by directly shutting down the machine.

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Main features

  • 1 vibration input channel (accelerometer, proximity probes or velocity probes)
  • 2 relays and a 4-20 mA output.
  • Redundant Safety Relay (SIL 2)
  • Configurable alarm levels and delay times
  • Offline FFT analysis
  • Buffered output (optional)
  • Modbus RTU (optional)
  • Ready for IoT


Other versions

PCH 1072 Prox for proximity probes

This version is a 1-channel vibration monitor for an external or embedded oscillator with a proximity probe, API 670.
  • Maximum input voltage: -1 to -22 V
  • 1 vibration input channel (proximity probe)
  • 4 alarm relays and 2 4-20 mA output 
  • System Failure Relay
  • Configurable alarm levels and delay times
  • Can be used in a SIL-2 safety chain
  • Offline FFT analysis


PCH 1072 for velocity sensors

This version is a 1-channel vibration monitor with a velocity sensor.
  • Velocity in mm/s
  • Measuring range: 0-20 mm/s
  • 2 alarm relays and a 4-20 mA output



The PCH 1072 Mk2 Vibration Monitor can be used to monitor many different machines in a production line where a SIL 2 measuring chain is required. It is highly suitable for monitoring vibrations in rotating machinery such as:



The PCH 1072 Mk2 is a conditioning, alarm and output transmitter unit with an aluminium housing. The monitor is equipped with an IEPE(ICP®) input for accelerometers.Smart factory condition monitoring solution with real time data

The PCH 1072 Mk2 monitors seismic mechanical vibrations according to DIN/ISO 10816-3.

PCH 1072 Mk2 also provides a 4-20 mA signal, which expresses the relative vibration level.

The integrated test function can be activated from customer PLC or by a switch.

The vibration monitor includes Windows based software, PCH Vibration Studio, for parameter setup, trend recording and time waveform streaming for offline FFT analysis. It can be connected to a RS485 network. Modbus TCP/RTU is supported by adding PCH EtherBridge.

The PCH 1072 vibration monitor is compatible with PCH Cloud - our Industry 4.0 condition monitoring solution with vibration data in real time. 



Monitor acceleration, velocity or displacement

By using the PCH Vibration Studio software, the PCH 1072 Mk2 can be configured to measure either Velocity (mm/s), Acceleration (m/s2) or Displacement (μm/mm).

Versions for moving-coil/Velocity Sensor or proximity probes are available as well.


The vibration monitor is prepared for DIN rail installation. If you prefer, it can also be built into an IP67 casing.

Measurement range and alarm limits

Measurement range and alarm limits can be adjusted directly in the PCH 1072 Mk2 according to the machine type and size. 

Delay times

Both Alert and Danger have user defined delay times, which prevent false alarms due to momentary transients. 

Latch function

The PCH 1072 Mk2 offers a latch function, ensuring the alarm relay stays triggered until it has been manually or remotely reset, even when the vibration level has decreased.


The CE mark indicates compliance with EMC directive and Low Voltage Directive. Rated according to EN61508-6, SIL-2.



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