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PCH Vibration Monitors Protect Your Machinery and Staff

PCH vibration monitor for pumps

  • Cost-effective protection against machine damage and overload
  • Prevention of unscheduled production stops
  • Increase in production output
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Added local safety for personnel on site 
  • Simple integration to existing monitoring systems (e.g. SCADA)
  • Customisable monitoring solutions

Get the benefits of our cost-effective vibration monitors:


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Protect your critical assets with our cost-effective vibration monitoring system

Even a few hours’ unscheduled downtime in critical machinery can mean a great loss in production and man hours – not to mention the cost of repairs and spare parts when machinery is damaged.


Detect misalignment and bearing faults in rotating machinery

By monitoring vibrations in your rotating machinery, you get early warning of any misalignments or bearing faults.

The PCH vibration monitoring system protects your machinery 24/7. This helps prevent machine breakdowns and ensures continuity of production.




Local safety with built-in alarms 

The slightest imbalance or misalignment can cause great damage to a machine and its bearings.

That is why our vibration monitors have a built-in alarm function which can detect any machine faults and warn the operator before they cause breakdowns.

You can even configure an automatic shut-down function for added local safety.



FFT analysis from vibration monitorCollect trend data and perform FFT analyses

The PCH vibration monitors are the perfect addition to your condition monitoring or predictive maintenance program. You can collect scalar values and real-time time-stream / waveform recordings with the complementary PCH Vibration Studio software.

You can also transfer data to a SCADA or PLC solution using communication protocols like CAN Open, ModBus or ProfiNet, made available as 4-20 mA / 0-5V signals.


Trend data from vibration monitor

Store vibration data locally or online

Store the data locally with a PCH Datalogger module or our OPC server, or send it to a cloud database for remote access.

It is possible to make a fourier transformation (FFT) of time-recordings and identify vibration frequencies affecting your machine performance.

The analysis can be done on site or at a remote location after data transfer using our PCH EtherBridge.

Data can be treated locally or in the cloud. You retain ownership of your vibration data at all times.



PCH Vibration Monitors

PCH Vibration monitors with screenshots of FFT analysis and trend data
Most of our vibration monitors are SIL 2 rated with MTTF(D), FIT, PFH(D) and DC diagnostic coverage numbers available.

Each monitor comes with complementary, Windows-based software for parameter set up, time wave streaming and offline FFT. 

​Several monitors also feature RS-485 communication.



PCH Link ConceptPCH Link Concept - modular vibration monitoring system

Combine any number of PCH monitors for a vibration monitoring solution customised to your requirements.

Our modular vibration monitoring system, the PCH Link Concept, is a simple, practical and cost-effective solution for small as well as large enterprises.

The Link Concept system comes with an Etherbridge module so you can store and analyse your vibration data online.

Learn more about PCH Link Concept here


SIL 2 vibration montor from PCH Engineering

SIL 2 vibration monitors

Our SIL-rated vibration monitors are manufactured in accordance with the SIL Declaration of Conformity according to EN 13849-1.

We document all safety calculations such as the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF), Diagnostic Coverage (DC) and Mean Time to Dangerous Failure (MTDFD).

Below are some of our most popular SIL 2 vibration monitors.

For more information on SIL 2 vibration monitors:

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PCH 1072 Vibration Monitor (1 channel, 2 relays)

PCH 1072 low cost vibration monitor with 1 channel and 2 relays
The PCH 1072 is a high quality, low cost vibration monitor, which offers cost-effective protection of rotating machinery. The standard version is a 1-channel monitor with two relays and a frequency range from 0.7Hz to 1kHz.

It offers user defined filters and a selection between acceleration, velocity or displacement.
PCH 1072 Vibration Monitor features:
  • 1 vibration input channel (accelerometer, proximity probes or velocity probes)
  • 2 relays and a 4-20 mA output.
  • Redundant Safety Relay (SIL 2)
  • Configurable alarm levels and delay times
  • Offline FFT analysis
  • Buffered output (optional)
  • Modbus RTU (optional)

PCH 1073 Vibration Monitor (1 channel, 4 relays)

PCH 1073 low cost vibration monitor with 1 vibration input channel, 4 relays and two 4-20mA outputs
The PCH 1073 is a high-quality, low-cost redundant vibration monitor. It is designed for the surveillance of vibration levels in machinery and can help detect unbalance and bearing faults.

The monitor operates within 2 simultaneously running frequency bands configurable to measure between 0.7Hz and 11.5 kHz.

The primary low-frequency band monitors vibrations according to DIN/ISO 10816.

The second multi-purpose band offers detectors such as RMS, Envelope, Crest factor and Kurtosis, and is ideal for monitoring the condition of roller bearings.

PCH 1073 Vibration Monitor features:
  • 1 vibration input channel (accelerometer, proximity probes or velocity probes)
  • 4 relays and two 4-20 mA output.
  • Redundant Safety Relay (SIL 2)
  • Configurable alarm levels and delay times
  • Offline FFT analysis
  • Buffered output (optional)
  • Modbus RTU (optional)

PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor (2 channels, 4 configurable outputs)

PCH 1420 2 channel vibration monitor with 4 configurable outputs - choose relay drivers or 4-20 mA outputs
The PCH 1420 is a digital, multi-purpose vibration monitor with 2 input channels for IEPE or 3-wire API678 accelerometers, configurable alarm levels, 4-20 mA outputs and delivered for DIN rail 
mounting or within an IP67 casing.

This version comes in a ruggedised IP67 casing.

Each input channel can be configured with filter ranges from 1 Hz up to 10 kHz and supports both acceleration, velocity and displacment measuring units. This vibration monitor is a highly ruggedized measuring device for direct installation in the toughest industrial enviroments.
PCH 1420 2-Channel Vibration Monitor features:
  • 2 vibration input channels for CCLD/IEPE
  • 1 Hz - 10 kHz filter ranges
  • True RMS, Peak or Peak-to-Peak detectors
  • Acceleration, velocity or displacement measuring units
  • 4 relay drivers or 4-20 mA outputs
  • 1 potential free alarm relay
  • USB/RS485 port for easy configuration
  • LED displays for local readings are optional
  • BNC connectors for buffered outputs are optional
  • 24 VDC power supply, optional 100-240 VAC

PCH 1420 Vibration Monitor (4 channels, 4 configurable outputs)

PCH 1420: IoT-enabled 4-channel vibration monitor with 4 configurable outputs: relay drivers or 4-20 mA
The 4-channel PCH 1420 is our most advanced vibration monitor. It provides extensive data on the condition of your machinery and roller bearings and is the perfect addition to any condition monitoring and predictive maintenance programme.

The monitor is part of our modular vibration monitoring system, PCH Link Concept. The system allows you to customise a vibration monitoring solution that is perfectly adapted to your machinery and is easily adjusted with extra modules as your need for monitoring grows.

We recommend you use this monitor with the IoT-based PCH Cloud solution. When connected with the online communication module PCH EtherBridge, the PCH 1420 monitor can form part of an Industry 4.0 condition monitoring strategy.
PCH 1420 4-Channel Vibration Monitor features:
  • 4 vibration input channels (accelerometer, proximity probes or/and velocity probes)
  • 1 process input channel
  • 1 tacho input channel, NPN/NPN/AC
  • 4 configurable outputs, relay driver or 4-20 mA
  • Redundant Safety Relay (SIL 2)
  • Configurable alarm levels and delay times
  • Offline FFT analysis
  • Ready for IIoT(REST) and PCH Cloud



Compact vibration monitors and ATEX certified monitorsSimple vibration monitor for ATEX zones

With our affordable range of compact vibration monitors, you can measure and monitor the vibration level of simple rotating machinery without blowing your budget.

Also find ATEX certified vibration monitors here.

See the full compact range


IoT-enabled vibration monitorsIoT enabled vibration monitors - PCH Cloud system

Ready your machinery for Industry 4.0 with PCH Cloud.

PCH Cloud is the first condition monitoring solution with vibration data in real time.

Get the safety of a traditional vibration monitoring solution combined with the optimisation potential of a smart factory condition monitoring solution.

Explore the PCH Cloud solution


Redundant vibration sensorsRedundant vibration sensor - PCH 1290 vibration guard - redundant vibration monitor

When full redundancy is legally required for your machinery, and you want a simple vibration monitoring solution, what you need is a redundant vibration monitor with two fully separated, parallel measuring channels with individual vibration sensors.

See our simple redundant vibration monitors here


Proximity probe monitorsProximity probe monitor - PCH 1072 vibration monitor

Proximity monitors are ideal for measuring shaft rotation in moving targets such as turbines, rotary atomizers and other machinery with sleeve bearings.

All PCH Proximity Probe Monitors measure the dynamic vibrations as well as the GAP distance to target.

Find your proximity monitor here


Sound monitorsSound monitor - monitoring noise levels in environments subject to noise restrictions - PCH 1420

Use the permanent sound monitor to monitor the noise level of traffic, airports, discotheques, working areas and other environments subject to noise restrictions.

Learn more about sound monitoring here



Which vibration monitor should you choose?

When choosing your monitor, note the combination of vibration input channels and relays or configurable outputs.

Each PCH vibration monitoring device comes with complementary, Windows-based software for parameter set up, time wave streaming and offline FFT.

Several monitors also feature RS-485 communication.


Not sure which vibration monitoring solutions is right for you?


Our consultants
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Vibration monitors measure critical frequencies in rotating machinery such as pumps, blowers, decanters and wind turbines.

This continuous monitoring of the condition of critical assets minimises the risk of costly breakdowns.


Use vibration monitoring for rotating machinery such as:


Vibration monitoring are relevant in any industry using rotating machinery. 

We have delivered vibration monitoring solutions for industries such as:
  • Original equipment manufacturing
  • Wind energy
  • Power plants
  • Cement plants
  • Waste handling
  • Mining
  • Food treatment
  • Chemical treatment




FFT analysis from vibration monitorYour trusted partner in machine protection

You can safely rely on the expertise of PCH Engineering A/S.

We have close to 30 years of experience with vibration monitoring equipment, and we supply vibration monitoring equipment and solutions for approximately 20,000 machines annually.

We specialise in tailored monitoring solutions for original equipment manufacturers. We also supply small and large enterprises with out of the box or customised vibration monitoring equipment.


Fully certified vibration monitors and sensors made in DenmarkFully certified monitors and sensors made in Denmark 

All PCH Engineering's vibration monitors and sensors are developed and produced in Denmark by our experienced engineers.

Our company and product certifications include:
  • CE
  • ISO
  • GL
  • UL 61010-1:2012
This is your guarantee that the equipment meets all international regulatory and quality standards.



PCH Engineering


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